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Hongwei History  

Shenzhen Hongwei High Frequency Welding Technology Co., Ltd.


1998               Shenzhen Hongwei High Frequency Welding Machine Equipment was established in October,1998.

1998 -1999  

l Hongwei unveiled the first Automatic Synchronous welding/cutting HF welder, which is applied mainly for packaging toothbrush. This replaces conventional Pedal HF Welding machine or Heat-Press Sealing machine and does great help to manufacturers improving package quality and productivity.  

l Wuhan Jinchen Industry purchased 22 sets of Hongwei Automatic Synchronous  welding/cutting HF welder within 3 years.

l More than 20 toothbrush manufacturers in Shantou, Guangdong are all Hongwei HF machine users

l More than 10 toothbrush manufacturers from Yangzhou, the toothbrush manufacture base, are Hongwei HF machines users.


l Company name changed into " Shenzhen Hongwei High Frequency Technology Co., Ltd."


l Hongwei unveiled a special Automatic Synchronous welding/cutting HF welder for eyewear industry, i.e, Acrylic HF Welding Machine. Luxottica,   the renowned Eyewear company headquartered in Milan, Italy, with its factory in Dongguan, China,  is Hongwei Acrylic HF Welding Machine user

l Hongwei developed a High Frequency Welding Machine for Tarpaulin Welding in the same year and more than 100 sets have been exported to Thailand and Malaysia till now.


l Hongwei unveiled Heavy Duty Gantry Style High Frequency Welding Machine for large Plastic format membrane welding

l Yuehua Medical Equipment Company is the first user, who produces series of inflatable bed for Bedsore prevention.


l Polygroup, the world's largest designer and manufacturer of artificial Christmas trees and a leading producer of above-ground swimming pools, inflatable toys, seasonal lighting and air mattresses, Hongwei’s VIP client, purchased nearly 20 sets of heavy duty High Frequency welding machine with power range  from 100~150 KW for one time.

2011~ present        

l Hongwei developed a fully automatic Blister Packaging Assembly, which integrated blister molding, High Frequency welding and cutting combined on a flow line, which is applied for blister packaging of toothbrush, stationary, electronic products, battery, toys kits and the like.

l Colgate Sanxiao group, the famous oral care products manufacturer, and other large manufacturers of toothbrush in China are using our automatic blister        packaging assembly line.

l The fully automatic Blister Packaging Machine has been best sellers in China and ASEAN countries since 2011.

VIP Clients:

 BOSCH          Windshield wiper and electric tools

   Luxottica                        Eyewear

 OPPLE        Lighting

 Phillips         Lighting

 True Color         Stationary

 Foxconn         Electronics

 Reckitt Benckiser     Consumer Health products