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About Us

Hongwei Company Profile

Hongwei High Frequency Welding Technology is a custom designer, manufacturer and global supplier of Blister Packing Machine and Plastic Fiml HF Sealing Machine.

The R&D of Hongwei Automatic packing equipment is based on PLC Control System,Touch Screen HMI, Film gripper Chain, Servo Motor, Pneumatics System, Positive and negative pressure blister thermoforming, and heating plate and HF heat sealing Technology. 

We started business with Vertical Synchronous High Frequency Sealing and Cutting Machine with Dual Shuttle trays for toothbrush blister packing machine in 1998, which was supplied to the JINCHENG Group, Wuhan China. And rich series model of this machine were supplied to manufacturers located in Yangzhou and Shantou toothbrush production bases in the following years.

Further development of high frequency welding and sealing machines applicable to inflatable products, tents, awning and canopy, raincoats and blister packing makes Hongwei famous in manufacture sectors both in China and abroad.

To meet higher requirement from clients, we developed automatic blister packing machine since 2008 and supplied manufacturers from industries of toothbrush, toys, automotive parts, kitchenware and tableware, household application, eyewear, cosmetics, hygiene, healthcare, medical equipment and others, which need plastic thermal forming and sealing technology.

We have been striving in research and developing high frequency sealing and automated blister packing technology and own more than 10 patents to make our automated industrial equipment more powerful, reliable and versatile.

Manufacturers from China and abroad are always welcome to our company. We would custom design and build ideal machines according to your requirement, conditions of the product to boost your productivity and reduce productive cost.

Bosch, Foxconn, Flextronics, Phillips, Colgate, Luxottica and Reckitt Benckiser are our VIP clients.