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Dual head HF Embossing Machine with extra Air Cylinder

Dual head High Frequency Embossing Machine 

                                                            with extra Air Cylinder for Shoe Insole, Console and Plastic Pad

  • Two welding heads, two extra air cyclinders
  • The welding time can be set up respectively for each welding head
  • Pre-set time, Inter-lock mechanism, alternate operating welding heads
  • PLC-based Control, Inter-lock mechanism, alternate operating welding heads
  • Adopting High Q-value Oscillator tube, Stable and reliable output
  • Pneumatically or Hydraulic driven machine saves time and labor, excellent coherence and easy operation
  • Adopting high sensitive anti-spark device, avoiding damaging mould
  • Highly precise temperature control ensures coherent welding
  • High quality Imported Key components and parts
  • Dual guide bar construction, High precision, flexible operation
  • Pry-bar toggle mechanism increase pressure, coherent output and saving time





Power Consumption

5 KW

8 KW

Power Supply

380 V

380 V

Input Power


13 KVA


Silicon Diode

Silicon Diode

Oscillator Tube



Max. Pressure

600 Kg

900 Kg

Max. Gap between Electrodes

160-200 mm

160-200 mm

Welding Head Travel

60 mm

60  mm

Plate Size

350 X 700 mm

450 X 800 mm

Time Adjustment

0~10 S ( Adjustable)

0~10 S ( Adjustable)


1720 X 1100 X 1500 mm

1800 X 1230 X 1520 mm

Net Weight

420 Kg

480 Kg


PVC (and materials contains PVC more than 10%), PET, PETG, APET, GAG, PU, TPU, EVA and cardboard  


Toothbrush, Battery, Stationery, Food, Medical Instruments, Toys, Small hardware, Electronics parts and finished products, Automotive parts, Household applications, Cosmetics and other cardboard and plastic blister package, Such as Injector, Solid plastic, Model Vehicle, Clipper, Flashlight, Battery, Spark Ignition Plug, Lipstick, Coat Hook, Cleaning Balls, Razors, Correction Fluid, Pencil and the like.

Radio frequency welding or (high frequency welding) is the process of bonding together materials through the use of electromagnetic energy. Two electrodes create an oscillating electric field that begins to shift and move polar molecules within the materials in order to orient themselves in accordance with the electromagnetic field. The movement of these molecules releases energy in the form of heat. When enough energy is applied, the molecules begin to melt and bond to one another. No external heat is applied. The weld is completed by applying pressure to the bonded area, ensuring a successful seal.

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