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Automatic Blister Forming and Cutting Machine

Automatic Blister Forming and Cutting Machine

(Automatic SMD Strip Reel Production Machine)

Work Flow Procedure

1. Film Unwinding feed, 

2. Film heating, 

3. Blister themal molding, 

4. Punching hole, 

5. Punch wafer and place it on Ultrasonic welding station, 

6. Dual head Ultrasonic welding, 

7. Outer edge trimming, 

8 Finished Goods Output, 

9. Leftover winding 

  1. PLC control system, Digital Touch Color LCD screen HMI,

  2. Highly automated , Completely Computer-controlled, No manual operation needed

  3. High productive capacity, low noise, easy operation

  4. Optoelectronic sensors adopted, the hummer alerts when film runs out

  5. Modular construction for easy transportation

  6. Unwinding roller to feed film and saves much materials

  7. Safety lock ensures safety on every door, unexpected opening of the door will trigger hummer alerts and stop the machine

  8. Custom design service available, including molds and auto-loader.


  1. Chassis made out of Aluminum Profile, equipped with protective canopy, safe and good-looking 

  2. All mechanical parts are fabricated by CNC
  3. All Pneumatic parts and components are supplied by SMC,
  4. Positive and negative pressure plastic molding system to ensure that the plastic smooth, uniform thickness, no water marks

Forming Device:  

Punch stretch the heated film and molding by the effect of positive and negative pressure through vacuum and blow-up , this ensures uniform thickness, straight and smooth blister, Furthermore, the film-clamping avoids wasted material.

Punch Cutting

  1. Blister forming by upper and bottom heating plate, reduce PET/PVC/PET GAG heating time and remains its molecule structure, saves energy;
  2. The plates will open while the machine is stopped and avoiding wasted material due to overheat.
  3. Hard oxidation treatment was adopted, anti-rust and oxidation protection, ensuring the die lifespan.


Servo motor adopted ensures high precision and uniform quality of product.

Circuit Control

Delta PLC control system and Digital Touch Screen operation panel

  1. PLC Control System and Digital touch screen operation panel

  2. Adjustable operation speed for easy production management

  3. High speed streamline operation saves space and time, increase productivity and decrease productive cost.

  4. Fully automated SMD Strip Reel machine completes the full production with only a roll of film and leftover collection.

  5. Claim alerts and stop the machine whenever door opens or shortage of film happen

  6. Automatic punch and place the wafer by manipulator,

  7. Automated ultrasonic welding

Max. Film Width 420mm       (Custom Design)
Max. Molding Area 420*250mm   (Custom Design)
Capacity 2 Cavity/Mold 15 Molding/min, 900 molding/Hour, 1800 pcs/Hour
Heat Sealing Temperature 80~150°Adjustable
Feed Motor Torque 4kn*cm
Sealing Molds Pressure 4T
Cutting Tooling laser Blade
Power Supply 380V/18KW
Air Supply 0.5~0.8Mpa
Material Applicable PVC/PET/PET GAG
Pneumatic Parts SMC
PLC Control System Taiwan Delta
Contactor LG, South Korea
Stepping Motor Leadshine
Compressed Air Cylinder Taiwan Julley

      This is a versatile automatic blister thermal molding machine. It has addtional functions of edge trimming and ultrasonic welding for some hard materials which is neither suitable to heat sealing nor hf sealing, for example, PS.

     We custom design and build machine as per client's requirement based on condtions of product.  

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