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Automatic Disposable Flat Face Mask Production Line

Semi Automated

Ultrasonic Welding of Earloop

3 Layers  (nonwovens +melt-blown nonwovens+ nonwovens)

High Speed "1 Pat Cutter, 2 Ear Loop Welder"  Style Flat Face Mask Production Line

This is a high speed, Semi-automated production line for 3-Layer surgical mask, with ultrasonic welding of Ear Loop Weldeing Machines

I.   Operating Flow Chart

II.   Features

PLC Control System + Touch Screen HMI,

Mark Pat Cutter is Micro-computer controlled,  are completed automatically, High reliability and Low Breakdown

The process speed is adjustable based on practical operating status;

Main convey driven by Servo Motor, Material flip-flop by step motor; Stable operation, and accurate location;

Earloops Welded by Ultrasonic Welding Machine;

Compact construction, small space occupation;

Aluminum Profile Chassis, Lightweight, Strong, good-looking and not prone to corrosion or damage.

Material availability Checked by Optoelectronics sensors, prevents stopping machine from taking place and waste materials.

III.        Specifications:

Power Supply: 3 Phrase 380V, 50/60 Hz,

Power Consumption: 8.5 KW

Productive capacity: 90-120 pcs/minute

Worktable Size:  3700(L) X 500 W X 1400 Hmm

Whole Production Line: 6500LX 2800 (W)X1800 (H)

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