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High Frequency blister packing machine (with Shuttle Tray)

Heavy Duty Automatic Synchronous High Frequency Tear-Seal Welding Machine


    Materials: Blister Sealing and cutting of APET, PETG, PP, PET, Paper and other  environmentally-friendly membrane  materials

    Products:  Toothbrush Blister Package, Vehicle Sun Visor, Plastic Logo badge, CD bag, Watch belt, Door handle, Stationery Blister package, Toys Blister package, Lock and keys blister package, Dry Battery Blister package and the like

  1. Safe Voltage 24V is applied to Control system and Press Button
  2. Toshiba Cube-Type RF oscillator provides more stable current and outputs higher power
  3. Adopting high sensitive anti-spark device, avoiding damaging the tooling and mould
  4. Automatic overload tripping switch is employed to keep smooth operation and safety
  5. Precisely designed and processed hydraulic system is adopted in the machine, and can be adjusted independently for each part
  6. Hydraulic pressure limit switch is applied to adjust safe TOP Limit to keep the machine safety and avoid damaged die
  7. Fully-closed enclosure, safe and good looking
  8. Fully automatic slide increases productivity and ensures perfectly precise location
  9. One welding head for two slide to make full use of the machine to increase productivity
  10. 5.8 “ Touch Screen, HMI and Onboard PLC control




Power consumption

10 kW

15 kw

Power Supply

3-Phrase 380 V

3-Phrase 380 V

Input Power

15 KVA

15 KVA


Silicone Diode




Max Cutting Pressure

3,000 kg

30,000 kg

Electrode Size

520 X 400 ( Customization Available)

Cylinder Stroke

100 mm

Slide Size

560 X 700 mm


0-10 s (Adjustable)


2400 X 1300 X 2040 mm

New Weight

1200 kg

1500 kg

a. The specification Sheet of Automatic Synchronous HF Welding/Cutting Machine is subject to Change according to the actual customization request depending on user’s working conditions and applications.

b. Site Installation, Operation and Maintenance Training available at request.

c. Touch screen operation panel is optional.

Radio frequency welding or (high frequency welding) is the process of bonding together materials through the use of electromagnetic energy. Two electrodes create an oscillating electric field that begins to shift and move polar molecules within the materials in order to orient themselves in accordance with the electromagnetic field. The movement of these molecules releases energy in the form of heat. When enough energy is applied, the molecules begin to melt and bond to one another. No external heat is applied. The weld is completed by applying pressure to the bonded area, ensuring a successful seal.

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